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Ill health is not only by the causative agent or pathogenic evolution, but also by imbalance and disequilibrium of a Human’s ecology system. Traditional medicine and treatment procedures are the holistic approaches for perfect ecology balance. In a Human Life there are four stages as the appropriate and inappropriate, happy and sorrowful conditions which are the basic measurements of life. Ayurveda, being the basic science of life describes each of these stages with what if good and what is not to maintain perfect ecology balance. Theory of “Pancha mahabuta” is the key part of Ayurveda science.

Panchakarma is one of the ailments of Ayurveda that help in dealing with any healing. Panchakarma is one of the oldest (before 5000 B.C ) treatment procedures which is designed to achieve greater efficiency and is adopted to maintain positive health. Panchakarma is a process to eliminate toxins, deep rooted impurities balancing the biological function. There were five steps to perform panchakarma which are Vamana, Virechana, Vasti, Nasya and Raktamokshana altogether called as Shodhana Chikitsa. This procedure of Panchakarma rejuvenates body and brain with its procedures of Oil massages, a healing kitchari diet, cleansing enemas, steam baths, and other purifying practices. In the process of Panchakarma treatment, medicated oils are used which helps in restoring body, mind and age which is quiet rewarding.


Vamana (Cleansing through Emesis)
Vamana Karma also known as shamshodhana karma a procedure of detoxification is the chief procedure of Panchakarma. Vamana is induction of emesis in which Doshas (toxins or waste products) are expelled from body. It decongests the respiratory tract by collecteing out the kapha. This is indicated for the purification of Urdhwa. Specific pre-operative procedures are conducted to bring Kapha and Pitta Dosha to Amashaya(Stomach and duodenum). This treatment works efficiently for rheumatism, IBD, bronchial asthma, allergic bronchitis, rhinitis, sinusitis, migraine, fever, indigestion, obesity, diabetes mellitus, acne vulgaris, severe skin diseases, urticaria, various psychological disorders, epilepsy, PCOD, infertility, thyroid disorders etc.

Virechana(Detoxification through Purgation)
Virechana is a medicated purgation process of eliminating toxins from lower parts of the body. This is the preferred Panchakarma treatment for pittaj disorders. Virechana is generally performed after doing Snehan (both internally and externally) and sedan. Virechana is widely used in shodhana theapy and for morbid and increased Pitta Dosha with its acceptability and popularity. This treatment works efficiently for digestive disorders, hyperacidity, constipation, jaundice, chronic liver diseases, fistula in ano, severe skin diseases, headache, chronic fever, diabetes, asthma, tumours, elephantiasis, intestinal worms, psychological disorders, epilepsy, gynaecological disorders, infertility, thyroid disorders etc...

Vasti (Medicated Enema)Vasti (Medicated Enema)
In Vasti Karma medicines are administered from lower parts of body to cleanse the accumulated toxins from all over the body. Vasti is administered to treat vata dosha which is beneficial in rejuvenating treatment. This treatment works efficiently for Parkinson's disease, MND/ALS, multiple sclerosis, paralysis, back pain, neck pain, slip disc, sciatica, atrophy, arthritis, rheumatic diseases, neurological diseases, diseases of GIT, splenomegaly, intestinal worms, fistula in ano, fever, psychiatric problems, gynaec problems, infertility etc.

Nasya (Nasal Insufflation)
In Nasya procedure of panchakarma, medication is administered through nostrils. Hence this form of Panchakarma if effective for illness in head & neck areas. Nasya Therapy helps in avoiding illnesses of eyes, ears and nose. This treatment is effective in treating urdhwajatrugata rogas (ENT & Eye disorders), sinusitis, trigeminal neuralgia, facial palsy, paralysis, insomnia, pre-mature graying of hair, hair fall, headache of various origin, etc,.
Nasya is classified based on factors like form of drug, mode of action.
According to functions Nasya karma is classified as Virechana Nasya, Brihmana Nasya, Shamana Nasya.
According to the drug type, it is classified as Marsha nasya, Pratimarsha nasya.

Raktamokshana is an important therapy for treating many diseases with its effective blood purification mechanism. In this process, accumulated toxins are nuetralised by sending the small quantities of impure blood .This treatment reduces the symptoms in certain disorders to provide rapid and drastic changes.
Raktamoksha is of two types as:
Shastra Visravana, in which metallic instruments are used like Siravyadhana(venipuncture) to remove vein blood.,br/. Anushastra Visarana, in which leeches are applied in some areas(called Jalaukavacharana) or cow’s horns are used (Called Shrungavacharana).,/p.

Benefits Of Panchakrma Treatment:

Amidst all modern life ailments, human body gets less time in a day to relax and retain the strength. Lack of Physical activity, consumption of unhealthy food, Non-preferable habits such as smoking, alcohol intake increases the body toxins which gradually effects on ecological imbalances. All these leads to chronic illness which includes diabetes, cardio illness and more. As a result a symptomatic condition prevails with Constant tiredness, fatigue, headache, Acne breakouts, skin problems and more. To prevent or protect from these, Toxin deprivation is to be regularly taken. Panchakarma treatment helps in removing body toxins at its five different stages of treatments.