Ayurvedic Avagaham Treatment

Avagaham is a method of sweating for which the patient is seated in a tub full of hot herbal decoction. According to the condition of the disease suitable medicated oil can be applied on the body prior to this. The aim of this treatment is to sweat the body and thereby making the vata moving in its own root.
A preparatory treatment for panchakarma treatment near me in a bathtub is filled with prescribed herbs and medicines. This treatment makes your body sweat, opens the pores, and makes you receptive to absorb the active elements of the subsequent panchakarma therapies.

Mode of action

It is a method of preparation for the cleansing treatment or the panchakarma. The oil application and the thorough sweating of the body help for the expulsion of the toxins from their bonded sites very easily. Because of the sweating it gives relief for the pain and stiffness of the joints and the back.


  • For pain on the lower back, upper back and hips
  • All the diseases of the urino-genital system

In Malayalam Language, Avagaham means Deep Knowledge or bath. If you love taking baths and feeling refreshed, then you are going to love Avagaham Panchkarma Treatment at the best Ayurvedic hospital near me.

In Avagaham, the body is immersed in specially formulated herbal fluid or oil to relax the whole body. In this Panchkarma Treatment, a person is made to sit in a medicated liquid solution. The liquid is prepared according to the health condition and filled in the tub. After that, the person lies in the tub after being fully anointed with oil. The temperature of the solution is usually maintained by adding hot water. Two or three therapists on the side will massage you and keep pouring water in the tub. The duration of this bath usually depends upon your medical condition.


  • Reduces Inflammation
  • Accelerate Healing
  • Strengthen of the Area
  • Best for Women's Health Diseases
  • Helpful in Urinary System problems
  • Helpful in Piles
  • Retention of urine and arthritis.